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Philodendron rubrijuvenilum ’El Choco Red’

Philodendron rubrijuvenilum ’El Choco Red’

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Experience the allure of our very own propagated cutting! Well-rooted in a 12 cm pot.

Pot Size 12 cm (height 30 cm)

Growth Pattern This plant exhibits a leisurely climbing growth pattern, elegantly reaching upwards. As the stem matures, it may require support for climbing when its size hinders self-support.

Placement Optimal placement involves a well-lit area with indirect light exposure, avoiding more than 2 hours of direct sunlight. An eastern-facing position is perfect. Shield the plant from intense midday sun to prevent overexposure during those hours.

Watering This plant thrives in consistently damp conditions, avoiding excessive moisture. Aim for approximately a glass of water per week.

Fertilization Enhance growth by alternating fertilization with watering, from spring until the early days of October.

Soil Cultivate in an airy, well-draining soil mix containing 50% drainage materials such as bark, biochar, coconut coir, or gravel, combined with regular soil.

Origin Hailing from South America, specifically the Choco region of Colombia, it's no wonder it bears the name "El Choco."

Distinctive Features In its youth, the underside of the leaves may turn a striking shade of red, inspiring its name "rubri" for red and "juvenilum" for small. With velvety-textured leaves and a slightly knobby/flecked stem, this plant is a captivating sight. Its exquisite red color led to quick popularity among collectors in the USA, often traded as Philodendron 'El Choco Red' due to its leaf color and origin in the Choco region of Colombia. Through continued cultivation and research into its flowering structure, this plant is now recognized as a distinct species, officially named Philodendron rubrijuvenilum since 2021. The species was classified by Thomas B. Croat and Ronald S. Kaufman.

Care Note Rest assured, your purchase will be handled with the utmost care and packaged securely. Please note that while the plant you receive may not be identical to the one shown, all are nearly indistinguishable!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards, Plantthatplant

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