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Your place can be green as HEAVEN by tomorrow! 


We design your place with exclusive plants and pots according to your wishes and conditions on site. We are aware of the newest trends and the newest plants on the market and will update your place with the FANTASTIC and hottest plants right now. We are passionate to care about plants and also our relationship with you, our dear future customer. 


  • Exclusive plants, pots and service with passion. 
  • You will get featured through our Instagram where you will get exposed to thousands of our plant friends.
  • We will provide you with a green environment certificate. This means that you have a green place which is proven to reduce stress and improve air quality. 
  • In order to keep your place interesting and varying we provide new plants for you every other month. 


  1. We meet you up to see how we can greenify your place
  2. We send you an offer you cannot refuse
  3. We deliver the plants and take care of them


  1. Purchase the plants from us and we will take care of them for a monthly cost. As long as we are taking care of your plants you will ALWAYS get full plant warranty ( If you are dissatisfied with the decorative value of any plant, if you simply do not think it's nice enough we will change it for free ). 
  2. You can lease plants, pots. 
  3. Purchase the plants and pots and take care of the plants yourself. 


We are responsible and will take care and give love to your plants. We make frequent visits to take care of them and will make sure that they are doing fine. This includes watering, pruning, bonding, pest control / disease control, replacement of bad plants and wasted soil. 


Because we taylor the plant service individually the price will vary call +46707252304 and we can discuss the details of your wishes and needs. 


  • We promise the optimal of a lush and green environment
  • We listen to your wishes and will fulfill them
  • We are creative with quick solutions in place
  • We promise professional care for the plants since we got experience
  • Our suppliers meet the requirements for employee safety, influence and current legislation
  • Our contract period is continuous with short notice period of service and purchase (2 weeks)

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