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Philodendron mamei

Introducing the stunning Philodendron Mamei, a captivating crawling terrestrial species that brings a touch of nature's elegance to your indoor space. This botanical gem hails from the lush landscapes of Colombia, South America, and offers a unique blend of features that make it a must-have addition to your plant collection. Pot Size: Available in 6/9/12 cm pots, with heights ranging from 10 to 30 cm. Way of Growing: Philodendron Mamei is a crawling terrestrial species, showcasing its beauty as it gracefully covers the ground. Setting: Place this remarkable plant in a bright location that receives indirect sunlight, avoiding direct exposure to the sun for more than 2 hours a day. Opt for an east-facing spot, as it provides the ideal...

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Philodendron luxurians

  Way of growing The plant is a slow climber - grows upwards and needs support to climb when the trunk is too big to support itself.  Setting A bright spot without direct sunlight for more than 2 hours. An east facing spot is ideal. The sun is strongest during mid day so make sure it does not get the direct exposure during mid day.  Water Prefers to be moist but not wet - approximately one glass of water a week. Fertalizer Add fertalizer together with every other watering from spring until the beginning of October.  Soil An airy and well drained soil mix with 50% draining material such as bark, bio coal, coco choir or gravel together with soil. ...

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