Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form'

Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form'

Many species within the genus of Philodendron are climbers, but Philodendron gloriosum ’Dark Form’ in particular is a terrestrial and crawling plant. The leaves can be up to one meter long if the right conditions with draining soil and humidity are present. The greater growth usually occurs in their natural habitat in Colombia. The plant was described by André, Édouard-François in 1876. 

The creeping growth habit is something we don't see very often. This 'Dark Form' has darker foliage and lighter veins and more pointed ears than the popular but more common Philodendron gloriosum. As the plant creeps, it may be an idea to get an elongated pot, or be prepared to take a cutting when the plant grows out of the pot. 

Growth: The plant creeps horizontally along the pot.

Light: Bright position without direct sunlight for more than 2-3 hours, placing the plant in a window to the east is good. Avoid direct sunlight in the middle of the day or in the afternoon as it can burn the leaves of the plant, direct sunlight in the morning is ok.

Water: Thrives moist but not wet - about a drinking glass of water a week but more if your conditions are dry. 

Nutrition: During spring and summer until the beginning of October, nutrition can be added to every second watering.

Soil: An airy and draining soil mix is ​​best. We recommend approximately 60% draining material in addition to potting soil such as orchid bark, biocoal or gravel.

Origin: In addition to Colombia, the species is found in Mexico, Central America as well as Peru, Ecuador, the western parts of Brazil and Venezuela.

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