Philodendron rubrijuvenilum 'El Choco Red'

Philodendron rubrijuvenilum 'El Choco Red'

When the plant is small, the underside of the leaves can turn red, hence the name rubri = red, juvenilum = small. The texture of the plant's leaves is velvety and the stem is slightly dotted. Because of its beautiful red color, it quickly became popular with collectors in the United States and was traded as Philodendron 'El Choco Red' based on the leaf color and the Choco region of origin in Colombia. New research made possible after cultivation of the plants and research on the flower structure has led to the plant being seen as a distinct species, and it is described as Philodendron rubrijuvenilum as of 2021. The species was described by Thomas B. Croat and Ronald S. Kaufman.
Growth: Philodendron rubrijuvenilum 'El Choco Red' is a slow climbing Philodendron.

Light: Bright position without direct sunlight for more than 2-3 hours, placing the plant in a window facing east is good. Avoid direct sunlight in the middle of the day or in the afternoon as it can burn the leaves of the plant, direct sunlight in the morning is ok.

Watering: Likes moist but not wet - about a glass of water a week. With higher humidity the size of leaves increase in size. 

Fertilizer: During spring and summer until the beginning of October, green plant nutrition can be added to every second watering.

Soil: An airy and draining soil mix is ​​best. We recommend approximately 60% draining material in addition to potting soil such as orchid bark, biochar or gravel.
Heritage: From South America, the Choco region of Colombia - hence the name "El Choco". 
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