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Rhaphidophora cryptantha
Rhaphidophora cryptantha
Rhaphidophora cryptantha

Rhaphidophora cryptantha

This is the rare Ivy of the rainforest. This is the cousin of Monstera dubia which differs in the way the leaves are growing. The dubia leaves are growing downwards and the cryptantha is growing upwards. 

This beauty craves a lot of moisture to be able to develop aerial roots which it is in need of to climb on a mosstock. Prefers terrarium but alot of spray + a moist mosstock might also do. 

The exact origin of this species is not known, but it was first discovered growing in Lae Botanic Gardens in Papua New Guinea. 

Can be tricky to supply enough moisture, study it and prepare a good home for it before purchasing. 

Slender to robust vine to 3m in length. Does not often get very big in captivity. 

Indirect sunlight.

Soil with good drainage, moist but not wet. Needs high humidity. 


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