Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form' p6

Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form' p6

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Way of growing 

The plant crawls horizontally along the pot. 


A bright spot without direct sunlight for more than 2 hours. An east facing spot is ideal. The sun is strongest during mid day so make sure it does not get the direct exposure during mid day. 


Prefers to be moist but not wet - approximately one glass of water a week. 


Add fertalizer together with every other watering from spring until the beginning of October. 


An airy and well drained soil mix with 50% draining material such as bark, bio coal, coco choir or gravel together with soil. 


The species originates from the tropical countries of South and Central America - such as Colombia, Mexiko, Peru, Ecuador, and the western parts of Brazil and Venezuela. 


Many species within the genus of Philodendron are climbing plants. But Philodendron gloriosum is a crawler and a terrestrial plant. The leaves can grow up to one meter in length if the right conditions are met. Real big specimens can be found in their natural habitat of Colombia, where the plant was discovered and described by André, Édouard-François - 1876. 

This gloriosum ‘Dark Form’ got a darker tone on the leaves and a greater contrast between the white veins and the green foliage than the regular gloriosum. With a sharper and pointier leaf structure and differing coloration - the ‘Dark Form’ is considered the more delicate form of gloriosum. 

Since the plant is a crawling species - it can be an idea to get an elongated pot. It is also not necessary to get the supportive mosspole which is commonly used for climbing Philodendrons.