Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form'

Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form'

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Introducing the splendid 'Dark Form' Gloriosum, propagated from our very own cutting!

Growth Pattern - This plant boasts a unique horizontal creeping growth along the pot.

Leaf Color - Deep shades of emerald green leaves adorned with striking white veins.

Placement - Ideal in bright but indirect light for 2-3 hours; positioning near an east-facing window is excellent. Shield it from direct sunlight during midday and afternoon, as it could scorch the leaves. Morning sun exposure is suitable.

Watering - Flourishes in a moist environment, not excessively wet. Aim for approximately a glass of water per week.

Nutrition - During spring and summer until early October, consider alternating fertilization with watering.

Soil - Opt for an airy and well-draining soil mix. We recommend around 60% of drainage materials alongside potting soil, such as orchid bark, biochar, or gravel.

Origin - In addition to Colombia, this species is found in Mexico, Central America, Peru, Ecuador, western parts of Brazil, and Venezuela.

Distinctive Features - The crawling growth habit is a rarity. This 'Dark Form' exhibits darker foliage with lighter veins and pointier tips than the popular but more common Philodendron gloriosum. As the plant creeps, consider using a rectangular pot or be ready to take cuttings when it outgrows its container. Unlike many other Philodendrons that require support to climb, Philodendron gloriosum 'Dark Form' does not.

Species Specifics - "While many species within the Philodendron genus are climbers, Philodendron gloriosum is a ground-dwelling plant. With the right conditions of well-draining soil and humidity, its leaves can reach up to a meter in length. Most substantial growth usually occurs in their natural habitat in Colombia. The plant was described by André, Édouard-François in the year 1876."

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