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Philodendron el 'Choco Red' #1
Philodendron el 'Choco Red' #1

Philodendron el 'Choco Red' #1

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 - Put the loved one in a pot. Preferable smaller than bigger. 
 - Add a mix of soil with good drainage. Orchid mix, barch, perlite etc is great! I usually go at least 50% of the material that adds to drainage. 
 - Moist the inside of a see through plastic bag and put it over the plant. This encloses moisture that is important and will decrease the stress of the plant. 
 - Put the plant in a bright location but not in direct sunlight. 
 - I usually leave the plastic bag on for a week or two and then I spray it alot and keep trays of water nearby. Enjoy!



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