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Monstera obliqua (Peru)  node
Monstera obliqua (Peru)  node
Monstera obliqua (Peru)  node

Monstera obliqua (Peru) node

Regular price $15 000 kr

Hi there!

If you read this you are probably wondering what the fruit is going on. This is almost as rare as it gets. I have one node from this lovely unicorn plant this year and it has a piece of root growing. It is not the node on the picture but it is also from the top of a runner with a root coming in hot. This is the Monstera obliqua from Peru and it gets up to 90% holes when it has started to climb for abit. 

You get this node you will get all the information about how to make sure it establishes well in your home. 

It will be shipped with the fastest shipping option there is and with tracking. If you would like me to root it more and grow it till next year that it totally fine. If you have any questions please send to hello@plantthatplant.com. To split the up the payment is also an option. 

My last node sold for 2900 dollars on eBay. 

All the love!

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