Anthurium magnificum
Anthurium magnificum
Anthurium magnificum
Anthurium magnificum

Anthurium magnificum

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A real velvet beauty with glowing veins. Introduce the captivating Anthurium Magnificum to your space, a living testament to nature's impeccable design.

Growth Pattern: This beauty grows in an ascending pattern, showcasing its regal presence.

Placement: Flourishes in bright, indirect light. Shield it from direct sunlight to preserve its stunning leaves. An east-facing spot is ideal, keeping it away from intense midday sun.

Watering: Maintain moist but not soggy soil. Water when the top inch feels dry, usually every 1-2 weeks. Adjust based on your local humidity.

Nutrition: Nurture its splendor. During its growing season from spring to early fall, provide diluted liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks.

Optimal Soil Blend: Craft a nurturing environment with well-draining soil enriched with perlite, peat moss, and orchid bark for ideal growth.

Humidity Haven: This gem thrives in higher humidity. Regular misting or a humidity tray will keep its lush appearance.

Supportive Structure: As it matures, provide it with a sturdy support like a moss pole to enhance its growth and elegance.

Origin: Indigenous to Central and South America, this plant brings a touch of tropical luxury to your space.

Distinctive Beauty: Anthurium Magnificum's velvety leaves and pronounced veins create an unparalleled visual impact, transforming your environment into a lush sanctuary.

Packaging Excellence: Rest assured, your new addition will be handled with utmost care and skillful packaging.

Invite the allure of nature's elegance with Anthurium Magnificum. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards, Plantthatplant