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Anthurium veitchii, 'King Anthurium'
Anthurium veitchii, 'King Anthurium'

Anthurium veitchii, 'King Anthurium'

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Welcome! What an honor to present Anthurium veitchii aka King Anthurium!
Somehowboth elegant and bizarre, Anthuriums have a certain undeniable magnetism about them. They are certainly charming like their more easy going cousin the philodendron, but there is a wildness in those hulking leaves and neon flowers that says unmistakably, ‘I belong to the jungle’. While Anthurium care is a little different than that of most houseplants, with a few adjustments these plants can happily grow indoors.
A little extra care will keep your Anthurium thriving, but they are survivors and will usually tolerate imperfect conditions when they have to. All in all, they can be quite easy to maintain and bring such unique beauty to a space.

Because Anthuriums grow in the moss and leaf litter of tree branches in their native environments, they prefer something more akin to an orchid mix. This is usually a loose, breathable mix of potting soil, peat moss, bark pieces and/or mulch, charcoal, gravel, perlite or pumice, and sphagnum moss. Using this type of soil mix will make Anthurium care a bit more manageable.

These plants can get meter long petals in the right conditions but usually stays rather small in our homes. 

Humidity is definitely a factor to consider before bringing home an Anthurium, and very important to Anthurium care. The foliage varieties especially require high humidity to thrive and will suffer without it, often getting brown edges. Consider keeping your Anthurium in a well-lit bathroom or near your kitchen sink. If that’s not practical, you can run a humidifier near your Anthurium, mist it periodically, or use a simple pebble tray under its pot. With careful watering, some hybrids can be grown successfully in potting soil by treating them similarly to philodendrons, letting the soil dry out a bit between waterings.

Bright conditions in indirect sunlight is optimal.


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