Alocasia azlanii
Alocasia azlanii

Alocasia azlanii

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Embrace the allure of Alocasia Azlanii, a stunning addition to your plant collection, propagated from our very own bulb!

Growth Pattern Witness its graceful ascent in a bushy structure, creating a captivating vertical presence.

Ideal Placement Find the perfect spot in a well-lit area with indirect sunlight, avoiding exposure for more than 2 hours. An eastern-facing position is ideal. Shield it from intense midday sun to preserve its vitality.

Moisture Mastery Maintain the perfect moisture balance. Keep the soil consistently damp, ensuring it's not overly saturated. Approximately a glass of water per week is your guide.

Fertilize with Care Boost growth by infusing nourishing fertilizer during every other watering, from spring until the onset of October.

Soil Symphony Cultivate a thriving environment with well-draining soil, composed of 50% drainage materials such as bark, biochar, coconut coir, or gravel, seamlessly blended with regular soil.

Origin Story Hailing exclusively from the Tutong district in Brunei, Alocasia Azlanii emerges from a single population, making it a rare treasure.

Distinctive Elegance Alocasia Azlanii stands as a newly identified species and the fifth member of the Bornean Cuprea group in the Alocasia family. It sets itself apart from its close relatives through unique leaf venation and the staminata zone on the spadix, extending beyond the lower spathe chamber. First described by Khoon Meng Wong and Peter C. Boyce in 2016.

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Elevate your plant collection with the striking Alocasia Azlanii. Your inquiries are welcomed as you embark on this journey of natural beauty.

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