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Monstera epipremnoides (Monstera 'Esqueleto')
Monstera epipremnoides (Monstera 'Esqueleto')

Monstera epipremnoides (Monstera 'Esqueleto')

This Monstera kinda looks like the much known Monstera adansonii. Are they the same? Nooo! The epipremNOIDes is a much more rare plant, it has more and bigger leaves than the adansonii has and also bigger holes. That's why people often call the epipremnoides "adansonii on steroids". It was recently discovered that it is actually not epipremnoides that we have in cultivation, it is though a beautiful plant. 

UPDATE (2020.04.22):
" About the plant formerly known as Monstera epipremnoides, now registered as the cultivar Monstera 'Esqueleto'. [...]

To avoid confusion by still referring to it by that name or the misleading "formerly epipremnoides", it was suggested to give it a cultivar name until it is either identified or described as a species with an appropriate species name. [...]
Thanksto Jody Benicek for suggesting how it looks like a skeleton, leading to it being named Monstera 'Esqueleto'. "

Siddharth Nc, Facebook


It'll change significantly in appearance with maturing. During it's young, the leaves will literally look like a really healthy and well kept adansonii, but after some years the leaves will have more "air in them, than leaf". Pretty cool, huhh?!

Give it a nice moss pole so it can climb, and keep the humidity level high!

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If you can keep an adansonii healthy, just give this a little bit more humidity and you'll be fine.

It can get to a decent size.

Loves a spray, water when dried out, feel weight of pot or put finger down 2 centimeter in pot and feel if it is dry.

Indirect sunlight.


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