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Philodendron esmeraldense
Philodendron esmeraldense
Philodendron esmeraldense
Philodendron esmeraldense

Philodendron esmeraldense

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This gorgeous climbing Philodendron has huge, leather like leaves. It occurs at Carchi, Esmeraldas at an elevation ranging from 425 to 1100 meters (approx. 1,400 to 3,600 feet) in tropical wet rain forest and in lower mountain rain forest zones.

From exotic rainforest.com, take this into consideration when potting the plant:
"We have the specimen planted in very porous soil that is kept moderately damp. The soil mix is composed of good potting mix, Perlite, peat moss and orchid potting media containing charcoal, bark and gravel.
The specimen is allowed to climb a totem and at the present time is still a juvenile growing in bright filtered light."

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You need to find out the right spot and needs of this amazing Philo

Can get to a pretty nice size over some time.

Loves a spray, water when dried out, feel weight of pot or put finger down 2 centimeter in pot and feel if it is dry.

Indirect sunlight.


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