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Anthurium reflexinervium
Anthurium reflexinervium

Anthurium reflexinervium

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LOOK at this piece of jurrassicness. The texture of the foliage is really something. 

Anthurium superbum is an easy to grow prehistoric looking, bird nest variety Anthurium well suited for interiorscapes, containers and tropical landscapes. The elliptical leaves are rigid and arranged in an upright rosette formation. Superbums' origin is deep in the jungles of Ecuador.

The plant in the picture is actually the plant you are purchasing. It does not come with soil or pot. Please contact us if you have any questions hello@plantthatplant.com.

Not hard to care for.

Does not get to an enormous size but the leaf size is approx 80 cm. 

Loves a spray, water when dried out, feel weight of pot or put finger down 2 centimeter in pot and feel if it is dry.

Indirect sunlight.


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