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Alocasia 'Pink Dragon'
Alocasia 'Pink Dragon'

Alocasia 'Pink Dragon'

Alocasia 'Pink Dragon' has an extraordinary foliage that has a mettalic shine to it. It is an exceptionally decorative plant with pink stems that has an almost glowing appearance. 

The plant is approx 15-20 cm (6-8 inches).

The plant in the picture isn't necessarily the plant you are purchasing. The plant in the picture is representing the overall quality of the plants. Please contact us if you have any questions

  - Put the loved one in a pot that is preferably not bigger than 11cm wide. 
  - Add a mix of soil with good drainage. Orchid mix, barch, perlite etc is great! I usually go at least 30% of the material that adds to drainage. 
  - Moist the inside of a see through plastic bag and put it over the plant. This encloses moisture that is important and will decrease the stress of the plant. 
  - Put the plant in a bright location but not in direct sunlight. 
  - I usually leave the plastic bag on for a week or two and then I spray it alot and keep trays of water nearby. Enjoy!

Alocasias are easy to care for when you got to know them. 

Does not get very much bigger than this.

Loves a spray, water when dried out, feel weight of pot or put finger down 2 centimeter in pot and feel if it is dry.

Indirect sunlight


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